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Kwesiya is a Canadian based lifestyle brand renowned for its original use of prints and colours. The company’s product portfolio includes high-quality Clothing, versatile Accessories as well as Home Décor items. We specialize in the use of block print textiles, vibrant fabrics characteristic of West Africa, fusing them with textiles from different part of the world, to create pieces that would appeal to consumers globally. 

When Kwesiya was founded in 2013, its unparalleled mix of textures, patterns and styles gave it a strong and unique identity. 

Kwesiya [kwé-si-ya] which means “Mix It” in a Cameroonian dialect, defines the brand and it essence of inclusion. Our primary mission is to captivate audiences from all cultures, while promoting the use of African fabrics. From business attire, fresh and casual outfits to special event wear, we create pieces that can be worn by anybody, anywhere, and for any occasion. 


Cameroonian born, raised in Paris (France), Fanny Ngantcheu lived in several international cities which allowed her to witness a great variety of cosmopolitan fashion trends. A global fashion experience is one of the essence of the brand.


"Our designs are not only a juxtaposition of bold lines, vibrant color and textures, but also a juxtaposition of cultures." 


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Award-Winning Accessory Designer of the Year at the African Fashion Week in Toronto in 2017, and Winner of the Women entrepreneur award at the Ontario innovation in 2018, she spent the past 7 years building the brand with the hope of inviting customers to new thinking. 
Kwesiya opened its first freestanding store in Toronto, Ontario in 2020 
Our collections are now distributed in speciality stores in Ontario, as well as multiple online platform.



 Fanny Ngantcheu Kwesiya